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• How to access HuronTel Subscribed Video on Demand service:

To access HuronTel's Subscribed Video on Demand service, grab your remote and push the MENU button.
Then use the arrow buttons to go either left or right until you find "PACKAGES" or "ON DEMAND" then push OK on your remote!

AMC channel's programming primarily consists of theatrically released films, along with a limited amount of original programming.
Crave is your complete entertainment experience with HBO, Showtime, the best movies, TV series and Originals that you can't find anywhere else.
Disney Channel's original programming is aimed at kids ages 9–16.
Disney XD is aimed at boys and girls aged 6–14.
Disney Jr. is targeted at preschool-aged children.
Family Channel's lineup primarily consists of original and imported series aimed at pre-teens and young teenagers, as well as a primetime block featuring reruns of sitcoms and other programs aimed at an older teenage audience.
Family Jr.'s lineup airs programming aimed at preschool-aged children.
Food Network has programming related to food, cooking, cuisine, and the food industry.
HGTV broadcasts a variety of how-to shows with a focus on home improvement, gardening, crafts, and remodeling.
History Channel's programming covers a wide range of historical periods and topics. Subjects include warfare, inventions, aviation, mechanical and civil engineering, technology, mythical creatures, monsters, UFO, conspiracy theories, aliens, religious beliefs, disaster scenarios, apocalyptic "after man" scenarios, doomsday, and 2012 superstitions.
Lifetime's channel features programming that is geared toward women or features women in lead roles.
National Geographic's flagship channel airs non-fiction television programs produced by National Geographic and other production companies. This channel features documentaries with factual content involving nature, science, culture, and history, plus some reality and pseudo-scientific entertainment programming.
Nickelodeon is primarily aimed at children and adolescents aged 2–17.
OWN - The Oprah Winfrey Network is more than a television network, it's a network of people just like YOU.
Paramount Network's lineup consists of original series, feature films, and reruns of sitcoms.
Showcase Channel deals primarily in scripted television series and films and was well known in its early years for featuring unconventional and often risqué programming.
Slice broadcasts lifestyle and entertainment programming aimed at women in the form of reality television series, documentaries, talk shows, and other features. Program topics typically focus on such areas as fashion and beauty, entertainment, health, finance, and relationships.
Treehouse On Demand is like having a video library of the best pre-school programs in the comfort of your own home. It's convenient!
YTV primarily features children's and teen-oriented programming, with target audiences ranging from children to young adults.


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The mission of HuronTel is to earn the business of members by promoting a culture of quality service and trust to deliver Best in Class Broadband Telecommunications services.

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