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Fibre is coming to Port Albert!

HuronTel's latest Smart Rural Community.

Starting in November 2020, HuronTel will begin installing fibre optic lines throughout Port Albert. This technology will allow residents of Port Albert the ability to connect to HuronTel’s fibre network and take full advantage of all the services HuronTel has to offer.

Current customers of HuronTel will have their existing connections converted to fibre optics at no additional charge. Our staff will be in contact over the course of the project to work with you on the placement and install of fibre into your home.

New customers are encouraged to reach out to HuronTel and inquire about the services we can offer, at our office locations in Ripley or Goderich. Please call us today at 1-877-395-3800.

The installation of the fibre network throughout Port Albert has be awarded to Webers Construction Ltd, a long standing partner of HuronTel and our fibre builds.

As Weber Construction crews work through your neighbourhood, you can expect to see construction and horizontal drilling occur in the municipal right of way and where HuronTel facilities currently exist. We appreciate your patience as we progress through Port Albert.

• For full directions please visit our Contact Page. You may also call us at 519-395-3800 or make your inquiry below.

Weber Contracting of Clifford has been awarded the project construction.

Matt Black (pictured above) of HuronTel will be notifying residents street by street as we progress.

So if you see Matt, or vehicles in your neighbourhood with either the "HuronTel" or "Weber" logo (White Vehicles), feel free to contact us with your questions!

November 2020: Begin installation of fibre on road allowances starting on North Street.
Spring/Summer 2021: Continue and finish road construction.
Summer/Fall 2021: Begin customer premise installations.
Summer 2022: Target completion.

We appreciate your patience as we move through your neighbourhood.

To speak to us about the project and services we offer, you may call HuronTel at 519-395-3800.
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For concerns with respect to construction restoration, please contact:

Dale Wall at or 519-741-7804.
Jarrett Weber at or 519-503-0089.

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