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HuronTel Enhanced Mail Service

When you sign up for HuronTel Internet Services, we will work with you to inform your existing contacts of your new email address to make your experience smooth and hassle free.

Our enhanced mail service adds a number of improved features to your email service.
Email storage for only $3 per GB / per month.
IMAP/ActiveSync support.

Synchronize the following things between your cellphone, tablet, and computer
• Email
• Contacts
• Calendar

• Unlimited Mail Storage:
For only $3/GB, we will store as much email as you wish to leave on the server. Normally a limited amount of space is available to store messages and your email client downloads the messages then deletes them from our server. Leaving them on the server allows all your devices to see the same email messages regardless of which device checks the mail first. Your computer, phone, and tablet will all be able to see your email, including messages that have been sorted into folders. Also, when you replace a device such as your phone or laptop, you won’t need to transfer any of the data from the old device to the new. Simply setup the account on the new device, and all the data is immediately available.

• IMAP Support:
In addition to the current POP3 protocol you currently use to access your email, you will now be able use IMAP. IMAP is supported by all major devices and email software, and allows mail to be left on the server, while still allowing you to sort mail into folders and subfolders. Changes made on one device will be reflected on any other device using the same mailbox. For details on setting this up, please see the support section of our homepage and search for IMAP.

• ActiveSync Support:
We also support ActiveSync, which is a special protocol designed for mobile devices. It allows you to synchronize not only email, but also contacts and calendar entries between devices. When you create an appointment in your email, your phone will automatically be updated. If you aren’t at home, your contacts and calendars will all be visible through our webmail interface. For more details on how to set this up, go into the support section of our homepage and search for ActiveSync.

To sign up for Enhanced Mail, sign in with your HuronTel Email Address and Password below.

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