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ACW FTTN Ultra Broadband Initiative and the ACW Wireless Ultra Boadband Initiative

UPDATE: All construction is complete.

The ACW FTTN ULTRA BROADBAND INITIATIVE (green) has been completed along with the work required to power the Fibre Nodes at each of the Beaches. This project was designed to service an area of 450 underserved homes along the Lake Huron Shoreline between Amberley and Port Albert, Ontario. Loop lengths will be reduced to between .8km and 3 km allowing speeds that will meet and in most cases far exceed the funding guidelines of 5/1 Mbps.

The portion of the ACW WIRELESS ULTRA BROADBAND INITIATIVE (blue) is completed as well. HuronTel has added approximately 12 kilometres of access fibre between its core network and a new 200’ tower that has replaced the existing tower at Zion Road. This will allow better reach and improved bandwidth with many of our existing customers having access to speed up to 10 Mbps.

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Pictured above: A typical Fibre Node

While the Municipality constructed new water lines in Whitechurch, HuronTel has built fibre to the homes in the Hamlet. Whitechurch residents will be served with Fibre to the Home as part of this construction. (blue)

Read the Press Release here: Bringing high-speed internet access to rural residents.

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