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(519) 612-3800
(519) 395-3800
(519) 912-3800
(519) 396-3800

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Notice of Annual Meeting
For information on HuronTel’s 2023 Annual Meeting and 2022 Financial Statements, please visit our AGM page here.
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Port Albert Fibre Upgrade
Port Albert Fibre to the Home information and progress reports.
Fibre to the Home Information
The new wave in technology may be coming to a home near you! Learn more in our FTTH section.
HuronTel Fibre Projects
HuronTel is extending our Fibre-optic Network to households and businesses.
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New Area Code 382
A new area code 382 will be introduced in the 226/519/548 geographic area on 17 June 2023. Read more.
Telephone Directories
HuronTel does not produce or distribute phone books. See here for more info on how to request a phone directory.
Report a Call or Text
Have you received an unwanted Telephone Call or Text Message? Report it here!
Point Clark & Lurgan Beach FTTH
Point Clark and Lurgan Beach Fibre to the Home information and progress reports. Stay up to date here.
Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Services
9-8-8 is a three-digit code being introduced in the United States as a national mental health crisis and suicide prevention hotline. At this time, a three-digit number (such as 9-8-8) is not yet implemented in Canada. Read more.
NHL Blackout Information
Read more about NHL Blackouts here.
Smart Rural Community Award!
HuronTel is one of 13 rural communication firms in North America to be honoured with the Smart Rural Community Showcase Award by NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association. Read more.

Mission Statement:

The mission of HuronTel is to earn the business of members by promoting a culture of quality service and trust to deliver Best in Class Broadband Telecommunications services.

About HuronTel:

Proudly serving the local community with all their telecom needs since 1911.

History of HuronTel


Goderich: (519) 612-3800

Ripley: (519) 395-3800

Wingham: (519) 912-3800

Kincardine: (519) 396-3800

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